Chamber music projects

Recital with accordion player Vincent van Amsterdam

Classical accordion player Vincent van Amsterdam brings a special touch to a singer-instrumentalist collaboration. With its many different registers, the accordion acts like a one man orchestra, while it's breathing matches greatly with the singers breath flow. Together with Esther's vibrant singing their sound merges together into a unique experience for the ears. Mahler's 'Lieder eines Fahrenden Gesellen' and a selection of songs by Tchaikovksy.

Matangi meets Mezzo
An ode to opera

In this operatic concert Esther and the well known Matangi String Quartet offer an appealing opera experience in a chamber music setting. Music and aria's by Mozart, Händel, Purcell, Meyerbeer, Saint-Saëns, Tchaikovsky, Verdi and Wagner.

Italian concert with pianist
Kim van den Brempt
Lieder from 'Des Knaben Wunderhorn'

An experienced and inspired collaborative pianist, Kim is very happy to join forces with Esther in this recital dedicated to her favourite language and culture. Come and enjoy listening to the little gems from Wolf's Italienisches Liederbuch and the divine poetry of Petrarca set to music by the virtuoso monk Liszt. 

As a mezzo, Mahler's music cannot be left out of your chamber music repertoire. In this program full of surprises and fascinating stories, Esther is joined by baritone Sven Weyens and pianist Maurice Lammerts van Bueren.

© 2020 by Esther Kuiper, photo's by Sarah Wijzenbeek